CETKR | College Of Engineering Trikaripur


An online gateway to the library resources of College of Engineering Trikaripur and serves as an important research tool for current students, faculty and staff. The Library has an exhaustive collection of Technical books of around 18910 volumes from all branches of engineering and also have international and national Journals. The digital Library boasts off having latest collection of CDs. The library also houses the in-house documentation center which hoists various reports concerning the projects and seminars conducted in the college

The Library is computerized and is poised for future expansion. The computerized technical library has a cosmic and comprehensive collection of books. Our reference section has volumes of rare and important books embracing all spheres of Engineering. E-journal facility has been provided in our library which comprises of the packages IEEE,ASCE and SPRINGER. Book bank facility has been provided for SC/ST Students. The Documentation center is a bank of knowledge providing students with reports and seminars that were conducted in the institution and CD-writers aid the students to a great extent. Order has been given for 53 new National journals,9 International journals and 3 International e-journals.

From bud to blossom we were honoured to have the support of dignified personalities like Sri.K.P.Satheesh Chandran (former M.L.A Trikaripur), K.Kunhiraman (former M.L.A Trikaripur)and M.Rajagopalan (M.L.A Trikaripur).