1. Library timing and Transactions: Function from 8.30 am to 5.30pm Transaction timing : 9.00 am to 4.30 pm
  2. Strict silence is to be observed in the Library
  3. Every students/faculty/staff of the College is eligible for membership of the central library. Identity Card will be shown at the counter on demand.
  4. Members are not permitted to bring their personal belongings inside the Library. It should be deposited at the property counter. 
  5. All students should sign the gate/entry register of the central library ,before entering.
  6. Mobile phone usage is not permitted inside the Library.
  7. Eating, sleeping talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the library
  8. No combined reference work or discussion is allowed inside the library or reading-room.
  9. Books borrowing limit: Faculty-10, Non teaching staff-5, Students-3
  10. Books will be lent to students  for a period of 14 days. Faculty for a period of 6 months, others for a period of 20 days.
  11. Students must return the books after the due date will be charged an overdue charge of Rs. 2. per day.  
  12. Damaged books will not be accepted and it has to be replaced.
  13. Users must replace the book if lost, with the copy/ latest edition along with over due charges.
  14. Once a book is issued, it will not be taken back on the same day. Loan can be renewed if the books are not required by other students
  15. The students are not allowed to exchange or pass round the library books or lend them to those in or outside the College.
  16. Members before leaving the issue counter must satisfy themselves as to whether the books which they intend to borrow are in good condition and any damage should be immediately reported to the librarian or library staff,failing which the member to whom the book was issued will be held responsible.
  17. Books on loan can be recalled at any time at the discretion of the librarian. The librarian may refuse the loan of reading materials to any student if he/she is found careless in behavior, and in the handling of library materials.
  18. All the final year students should return their library cards and books based on the library circulation and obtain the NO DUE CERTIFICATE from the library.
  19. staff members who are on transfer/contact expiry/ etc from the college should settle all the dues and obtain NO DUES CERTIFICATE from the library.