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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering has been started since 2009. Today, civil engineering is a very broad field, compared to other engineering disciplines. Civil Engineers meet the challenges of the new information age.A civil engineer has to conceive, plan, estimate, get approval, create and maintain all civil engineering activities. Civil engineers also help to preserve our environment by assisting in the cleaning up of existing pollution and planning ways to reduce future pollution of our air, land and water.Increasingly, civil engineers are also involved in exciting new areas such as space structures, robotics, risk management, infrastructure, and biomedical engineering.

A wide range of choices for Civil Engineering graduates.
  • Research and teaching.
  • Civil Engineering Consultants in Structural, Environmental, Geo-Technical Engineering etc
  • Government & Semi-Government Departments.
  • Oil, Gas & Mining
  • Software Developers

Graduates of civil engineering can work all over the world, either as consultants with their own companies or as employees of large international companies, or as volunteers in developing countries. The department has an annual intake of 63 students.

The department aims at providing the best guidance, facilities and opportunities to develop the outlook, personality and technical skills of the students to cater the needs of the society and be the makers of the world. Our students are the future ambassadors around the world.

The Laboratories available in the Civil engineering Department are:
  • CAD Lab
  • Computer Applications
  • Construction and Structural engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • FM Lab
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Strength of Materials Lab
  • Survey Lab
  • Transportation Engineering
Association Activities

The activities shall be periodic site visits, seminars and workshops related to the recent developments of Civil Engineering. The association aims at grooming the student to have a gradual transformation from a student to an employee/employer by narrowing the gap between the text books and working atmosphere.